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5 Most Dangerous Secret Society in the World

Religious beliefs and traditions often make people become dogmatic ideological groups, led them to isolate from mainstream society and become a secret defensive confidence. They believe themselves to be part of some sacred mission to change the world and spend their lives following the teachings of their leader. This often leads to people moving in a closed but has roots that spread across the nations. They have their secret laws and activities that are often hidden from non-members. These organizations are making an esoteric doctrine known only to their members, and hidden from ordinary people. So let's look at some of the world's secret societies that formed long ago and most are still alive and carry out their moves in secret.

The Order of Nine Angles
5 Most Dangerous Secret Society in the World
The Order of Nine Angles (ONA) is a secret organization that Satan appeared among the people of the United Kingdom in the 1980s and the 1990s. This society claims to be followers of Satanism and regard it as a very individual pursuit of excellence to create yourself and wisdom, to face challenges and overcome the limits of physical and mental. Currently, Ona arranged around the secret cells, known as the traditional nexions and in syllables creepy. ONA's writings are a strange consideration of human sacrifice as a way to eliminate the weaknesses and claimed that the evil tribes are an important part of the strategy evil to carry out the mission, more enjoyable way of life, and to disrupt and ultimately conquer the common people.
Thule Society
5 Most Dangerous Secret Society in the World
German Thule Society. Brotherhood of Death Society is the idea centered on reaching the New World Order is very strange in simple terms means to kill people to reduce the population. The members of the Thule people who are practicing Sexual Magic and Black Magic. Thule Society supernatural exhibitions are regularly held, during which they communicate with the demons that people either died or are just emerging as their guiding spirit. Adolf Hitler joined this society in 1919 under the leadership of Dietrich Eckhart. Eckhart Hitler to involve ritual demonic magic that ultimately made ​​sexually impotent Hitler is regarded as the cause of why Hitler became so sadistic killer.
5 Most Dangerous Secret Society in the World
According to the Wikipedia definition, Freemasonry is a fraternal organization that has been public-spirited existence since the 17th century. Freemasonry's central activities remain charitable work within the local or wider community but the community has a large number of actual controversy and secrets hidden in its long history. It has been said that the Masons claim that Masonry is open to any one of any faith and that it is a brotherhood to help other Masons. But that's just to attract more people to this community. G symbols used in signs they are actually translated into the Masonic gnosis or generation with Lucifer and God as the main enemy of Christendom. Mason took the oath rather deadly blood oath to every degree up to 33 degrees. They swear allegiance to God and country Masonry above all else, and under penalty of death, vowing not to reveal the secrets of Freemasonry - not even to their wives.
Skull and Bones
5 Most Dangerous Secret Society in the World
The Order of Skull and Bones, a community of Yale University, originally known as the Brotherhood of Death, and was founded in 1832 by the students. This community is surrounded by conspiracy theories, the most popular is probably the idea that the founders of the CIA is a member of this group. But another, more shocking truth is that like the others, the evil practice of hiding a dark secret as well. Sexual activities they put into their practices where they lay naked in coffins to tell their deepest sexual secrets and darkest, as part of their initiation. As Ona their main goal is the New World Order. Ron Rosenbaum in his writings also show that Bones and the Bavarian Illuminists closely related to each other, providing evidence such as' haunting images altar room at one of the Masonic lodges at Nuremberg that is closely associated with Illuminism. "Shockingly, President Bush is an expert in the United Brotherhood of Yale's Skull and Bones Society.
5 Most Dangerous Secret Society in the World
Assassin regarded as the most frightening of all secret societies are killed each victim regardless of the guards and security personnel. They were brutal murder of famous people and feared by the kings, princes, sheikhs and sultans. Most of the early members of a secret group of followers Nizari branch of Shiite Muslim sect Iliyya Isma located mainly in Syria and Persia. Community led by Hasan bin Sabbah (1034-1124) who created a group of fans, known as the Fedayeen, who did whatever he peerintahkan with blind obedience. They appear as a simple farmer during the day, but became violent and very capable fighter in the dark of night, to attack their victims in the dark.
5 Most Dangerous Secret Society in the World
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5 Most Dangerous Secret Society in the World
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