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Most Beautiful Women In The World

Women are born as gods creatures that truly charming and gentle, from which they emit an aura as the most beautiful in the world.

1. Beyonce
Here it is the most beautiful in the world the first place, there may be pros and cons in the selection of beyonce as being the prettiest, but according to the voter who chooses, not the prettiest in the world by its physical form.

"I feel more beautiful than the previous one because it has given birth to a child. I've never felt so connected, never had a purpose in this world before," said Beyonce gave birth to her first child Blue Ivy, in January 2012 ago.

2. Sofia Vergara
Sofia Vergara
Elected to the prettiest in the world second to make Sofia flattered. Moreover, at the age of 40 years shall enter, he aligned with such a young actress Mila Kunis.

3. Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron
Charlize pleaded not born as the most beautiful in the world. "Over the past eight years of my life, I did not have front teeth," said the South African-born actress on magazine W. She also includes children who are sick. But as a teenager, Charlize start growing confidence by taking dance classes and becoming a model.

4. Lily Collins
Lily Collins
Phil Collins's daughter is now being increasingly recognized in the acting world. New movie with Julia Roberts, Mirror Mirror opens in theaters. 23 years old actress who plays Snow White was initially not confident with her appearance. But now her face had realized the uniqueness.

5. Madeleine Stowe
Madeleine Stowe
Madeleine rise after starring in the series 'Revenge'. "It's great we are so recognizable while on the road," said Stowe about popularity. At the age of 53 years, actress Victoria was still beautiful and was ranked fifth in the world's most beautiful people.

6. Christina Hendricks
Christina Hendricks
Series 'Mad Men' Christina Hendricks carries the name popular. His body was often the center of attention because she has a pretty big bust. Although considered sexy by many people, once Christina felt she was too fat. But now the most beautiful people in the world's sixth confident with her ​​appearance. "I feel beautiful and never trying to lose weight because I love it," he said.

7. Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams
Michelle entered the ranks of the most beautiful people in the world to seven and he also recently nominated for an Oscar for her role in 'My Week with Marilyn'. His role as Marilyn Monroe in the film becomes an important note in the curry. Regarding beauty, Michelle feels people's expectations to look beautiful it made ​​him feel bad. "Because I was not able to live with the demands," he said in an interview with Vogue.

8. Paula Patton
Paula Patton
Stars film 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' is no longer afraid to be make-up after her first child in April 2010. "I wear a little makeup. I'm more accepting of myself," said the singer Robin Thicke's wife.

9. Miranda Lambert
Miranda Lambert
Being a country singer makes Miranda feel pressured to be perfect. "All the stars are very thin and they spend time trying to be skinny," she tells Health magazine. But he will not force himself to be skinny. "I represent normal women. No matter the body has a little advice. I'm happy with my body," he said, which was the ninth most beautiful people in the world.

10. Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton
Since the engagement of Prince William to finally get married, she does not stop making fans stunned at his appearance. He is known for his style is simple yet elegant and ranks the ten most beautiful in the world.
Most Beautiful Women In The World
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Most Beautiful Women In The World
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