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World's Oldest Bridge

World's oldest bridge - There is a bridge called Adam's Bridge, also known as Rama's Bridge full of mystery. The reason is due to the aging bridge is estimated at more than 1 million years.

Location of Adam's Bridge along the 30 km link between Manand Island (Sri Lanka) and Pamban Island (India). Structure is easily visible from the sea due to its position which is not too deep.
World's Oldest Bridge
Status of the bridge is still a mystery that now. According to the commentary, Adam Bridge is concerned with the well-known myth of India, Ramayana.

That makes splashy, Srilankan Archeology Department issued a statement saying the age of Adam Bridge may range between 1 million to 2 million years. The question is, does this really jambatan formed by natural processes or human creation?

SUDeraniyagala, Director of Archaeology Center Sri Lanka who is also the author of "Early Man and the Rise of Civilization in Sri Lanka: the Archaeological Evidence" saying that human civilization has appeared in the Himalayan Foothills around 2,000,000 years ago.

Conflicts: According to historians the earliest civilization in the Indian subcontinent is civilization Ca.
World's Oldest Bridge
World's Oldest Bridge
Scholars interpret this ancient bridge bhawa possibility awoken after mainland Sri Lanka than India apart millions of years ago.

Epics Ramayana
In the epic Ramayana, the bridge was built by the ape-man squad under the supervision of Rama. The purpose of the development itself is a crossing point into the State Lanka on a mission to rescue Shinta Dewi, who was kidnapped by Ravana, the king of the kingdom of Lanka.

Epics Ramayana, according to the Hindu calendar should be in the Tredha Yuga (according to evolutionary discs Hindu / Hinduism on the Epic disc is divided into four: Sathya (1,728,000 years), Tredha (1,296,000 years), Dwapara (864 000 years) and times (432,000 years).
World's Oldest Bridge
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World's Oldest Bridge
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