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5 Most Awaited War PC Game 2013

5 Most Awaited War PC Game 2013 - A pile of new games are present for millions of gaming enthusiasts in the world each year. But behind the row of the game of course there are a number of game titles so popular that its popularity continued into the sequel.

For the genre of First Person Shooter games (FPS), its superiority not only of stunning graphical display, typically, a factor of gameplay is also the strongest reason why the highly anticipated sequel to the game by gamers.

Interestingly storyline is often made ​​more curious gamers looking forward to the story of a sequel, Curious what FPS games are sequels always anticipated by gamers? This he was 5 PC Game.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

5 Most Awaited War PC Game 2013

Game genre FPS (first person shooter) made by Infinity Ward is indeed no need to doubt its quality.

The first time you attend, the game often accentuate each character Captain Price in the sequel, gamers direct a play successfully hypnotized. Quality Modern Warfare game very prominent through the display graphics, gameplay, and interesting storyline.

But in addition to the graphical display capable, excess Modern Warfare game is actually more heavily on gameplay and storyline are carried. Presented intrigue in this game makes players successful drifting atmosphere.

Moreover dispensing Infinty Ward Modern Warfare storyline in the sequel. No warning makes games published by Activision is a sequel to the game with the most anticipated by millions of gamers all over the world.

Crysis 3

5 Most Awaited War PC Game 2013

Game arable Crytek, published by Electronic Arts (EA) is also present in excess in the graphic display.

Even the author brags that his claim game engine - which is used in Crysis CryEngine - able to maximize the capabilities of the graphics card at highest performance.

In addition to stunning graphics display, beginning Crysis series also comes with topnotch gameplay, keep gamers increasingly curious about the adoption storyline.

Unfortunately, since the launch of Crysis 2, although again comes with an increasingly realistic graphics, but the gameplay is adopted tend to be boring so had drawn criticism from gamers and critics.

Still, a big name as a maker Crytek game with top-class graphics, still able to create curiosity among gamers who look forward to continued Crysis sequel. Until finally launched Crytek Crysis 3 is claimed to be the game with the best graphics this time.

In addition to the graphical display that is much more beautiful, Crytek also bring back the gameplay like the first Crysis sequel is able to present a quick and thrilling game but fun to play.

FarCry 3

5 Most Awaited War PC Game 2013

Games published by Ubisoft is the first version offers tropical-style environment.

Supporting components such as grass and tree looks green and refreshing and clean sea water is highlighted advantages in order to attract the attention of gamers.

It is only natural considering the first sequel FarCry powered by the Crytek game engine that has been known qualified with realistic graphics display.

However, the decision maker is using another game engine that the World Engine in the sequel are both unable to bring success like the first sequel. Not to mention the gameplay which tend to be boring, make FarCry 2 is less prevalent than in the first.

Fortunately, as publisher Ubisoft, realize it and bring FarCry 3 with concepts similar to the first sequel.

And right, back to the tropical feel. Not only that, the gameplay and the story that brought him was certainly capable of making curious gamers who play them.

Moreover, in terms of graphics, Ubisoft has equip with FarCry 3 game engine that has been improvised a lot better that the World Engine 2. FarCry 3 certainly makes more interesting to play.

Halo 4

5 Most Awaited War PC Game 2013

The first time attended games in 2001 this was no longer needs to be proven. Moreover, the game is published by Microsoft itself is claimed to be able to maximize its DirectX graphics technology.

Unfortunately when entering the third sequel, Halo games are only available exclusively to players Xbox 360 gaming console owners. Practical, gamers who use other platforms do not have the opportunity to taste it.

However, despite only being present for the Xbox 360 exclusive, Microsoft is still the pride of this game is also the most anticipated attendance, especially by owners of Xbox 360 gamers.

Moreover, the game that has got a touch of a few developers have entered the age of 13 years, making it one of the legends game that still exist to this day.

Medal of Honor

5 Most Awaited War PC Game 2013

Who does not know this one game, many sequels have been presented by Electronic Arts (EA) since 1999. First present the platform PlayStation (One), Medal of Honor game wowed gamers reap success through its gameplay.

No less successful, the game is expected by gamers to be present on the PC platform also reap similar success with the PlayStation (One).

Thereafter, the existing EA launched numerous sequels Medal of Honor game that comes in a variety of war stories. But mostly depict battles fought in the world war.

Until finally in 2010, EA presents Medal of Honor to the different concepts that carry the story of modern-day warfare. Unfortunately, the severity of competition with similar genre game makes the game Medal of Honor (2010) did not reap success as expected.

Try to correct the failure, EA also presents the Medal of Honor: Warfighter. In addition to display stunning graphics, fast gameplay that carried him successfully make gamers finally glance at the modern warfare game.
5 Most Awaited War PC Game 2013
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5 Most Awaited War PC Game 2013
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